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Welcome to Bored Horse, an online publication (also known as a blog) written by Thord D. Hedengren.

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It's my birthday, happy birthday me!

Beware of Stripe

Web developer darling Stripe aren't so nice, it seems.

All is not well

Things aren't going so great in the world, right now.

The internal clock at 7 am

It's early in the morning, and I'm up writing, well, this. And I'm doing it without coffee, so you have to read it, because that's just painful.

Joan Didion’s Play It as It Lays

The death of celebrated author and essayist Joan Didion finally pushed me to read her famous novel, Play It as It Lays. This is not a book review.

The sniffles

Who would've thought that the common cold could kill off so many potential endeavours?

Drawing bored horses

Why isn't the logo done, really? And what happened with yesterday's post? Have I no shame whatsoever?

Does it fit my quarterly goals?

When there's too much to do, the brain wants you to do more, preferably things not related to the things you really have to. Let's fix that.

Web 1 – 2.0 – 3

What follows after square, and then circle, avatars? Twitter’s bet is the ”soft hexagon”.

Is smaller actually better?

This is my third iPhone in the current generation, and it better be the one I’m sticking to…

A creative space

I want a creative space, a studio, workshop, or whatever you want to call it. Thus, I’m looking for one, and this is why.

Blogging on Substack

Newsletter service Substack is looking more and more like a valid option for would-be bloggers.


Writing by hand isn’t just about a painful wrist and unintelligible squiggles, there are gains to be had.

Just ten minutes

Having a hard time getting your groove back after the holidays? There are tricks to that, and to making headway towards your goals when things are tough.

Quarterly goals (Q1, 2022)

It’s a new year so I’m setting some goals. They’re not New Year’s resolutions, really, I promise.

What a tool can do

Get ready for some humble pie because we’re going to talk about what a program supplying underpowered netbooks to young people did in Argentina.

Matt wants you to start blogging

This might be the easiest (and/or best) birthday present you can give anyone, with the added benefits that it’s good for you, and the internet as well.

Building a site in the open

You’ll get to see all those dirty little things that happen as I try to get this Bored Horse thing to work properly. I apologize in advance.

Happy New Year

In which I wish you a Happy New Year, and invite you to join me in my Bored Horse experiment.